The SHOW ADMINITRATOR examination is not restricted to aspirant judges only, but can be written by any SPSA member who is in good standing with SPSA. There is no age restriction and successful candidates will receive a Show Administrators Certificate.

It is expected from all SPSA Directors, Show Managers and Show Secretaries to get them acquainted with the SPSA MOI, Rules and Regulations by writing the examination.


Candidates must be members of SPSA, should be at least eighteen years of age and must be the holder of a SPSA Show Administrators Certificate or a judges certificate of another organisation in order to apply for breed examination.

Participating in any breed examination will take place in two categories namely a theoretical and a practical examination.

SPSA members may participate in a maximum of five breed examinations during a twelve month period.


SPSA Membership: Please visit www.poultryclubsa.co.za